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BBQ Bootcamp

In the Ultimate Beef class, learn some great techniques, and some cuts you may not have used before! We’ll cook Teres Major, Tri-tip, and Beef Ribs! During Porkapolooza we’ll learn how to work with different pork cuts and make Pork Carnitas, Butterflied Tenderloin Medallions, and Pork Belly ‘bites’. In Chicken 3 Ways, you’ll learn how to break down a whole bird, including Spatchcocking. We’ll cover techniques like use of brines and marinades. We’ll cook three amazing dishes including, Chicken Speidini, Andy’s One Touch Chicken, and Chicken Parmesan Pinwheels, made with Spatchcocked BBQ Chicken. Of course we will try everything we cook!

Register for one or all! $54 each or $132 for all three!